Emmanuel Frécon
by Emmanuel Frécon
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concocter has just reached an official v1.0 release. concocter is my own take on the init process in containers. It offers features already found in other solutions such as supervisord or docker-gen with enough twists for justifying the effort of writing yet another tool in a similar vein.


The rationale of concocter is to acquire variables from a number of remote of local sources, to dynamically generate (configuration) files with the content of these variables and to launch one or several processes once the files have been generated. concocter can be placed in the background to continuously perform these tasks, thus being able to regenerate the file as soon as a variable has changed. In that case, concocter will restart the process, or request it to reload its configuration using regular signals.

concocter has support for a range of sources for these variables. This includes information about other containers running on the same Docker host, but also the content of files (good for integration with Docker secrets), or the content of a external HTTP(S) resources. The latter faciliates the use of, for example, an internal key-value store with an RESTish interface for the storage and access of cluster or project wide configuration variables. Using concocter together with a capable reverse-proxy server such as nginx or caddy provides ways to automatically proxy containers carrying “instructions” as Docker labels or environment variables.

Discussion and Community

The github project provides support for issue tracking and enhancement proposals.