Emmanuel Frécon
by Emmanuel Frécon
1 min read

The main goal of my Docker API implementation in Tcl is to cover most of the official API while providing a programming interface that feels Tcl-ish. To that end, it builds upon the Tk-syle of programming that creates a context object and then creates a command with the same name as the object to perform most further operations.

The implementation was lagging behind and a recent restructuring have started to bring it to par with the currernt state of the Docker API itself. The restructuring matches the Docker CLI restructuring that happened with the 1.13.0 version. Recent additions to the Tcl command set provide bridges to the following sub-command trees of the API and CLI:

There still remain a number of commands, but these new implementations provide a consistent API that is hopefully easier to work with than the previous uncategorised API, itself loosely modelled after the previous CLI model. Work with the integration of these new API calls is driven by the necessity to integrate some of these calls in dockron so as to be able to perform regular tasks on services within a Swarm, e.g. scale up/down at known times, restart services, etc.

(Funny fact of the day… Apparently, this API implementation made its way to HN soon after I announced it the first time!)